Introducing Faster Metabolism with Carrots 'N' Cake:

An in-depth, 4-week nutrition course for anyone who feels like their metabolism has slowed down and can't lose weight despite "doing everything right." Learn how to properly plan and implement a reverse diet, so you're able to eat more while losing fat and gaining lean muscle!

If you're like most of the women I coach, you may have dieted yourself into a corner and need a METABOLIC RESET. The Faster Metabolism course delivers exactly that. End the frustrating diet cycle and finally feel confident with your body composition and diet choices!


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Here's why you can't diet forever...

If you think about it, women lose weight all the time. The hard part is actually keeping the weight off. We know how to lose weight, but we never practice how to maintain it, which is why so many women regain the weight they lost, plus more!

If you repeat this cycle over and over again, it begins to damage your metabolism, so it becomes harder and harder to lose weight. Being able to transition from dieting to maintenance calories is the key to sustainable weight loss.

So what do you have to lose? (Besides the weight that all of the diets haven’t helped you lose?)

Taking the time to reverse diet is what you need to repair your overall HEALTH. Sure, you want to lose body fat, look and feel great, and that WILL happen if you are consistent and patient with the process.

But, more important, is relieving your body of the stress of it has experienced via under-eating (and often over-exercising) before your metabolism is further damaged, sending your deeper into this cycle. Plus, imagine having the relationship with food you’ve always dreamed of, losing the weight for good, and loving the process. What's better than that?


This program is for you if...

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You've been dieting for what seems like forever and not seeing results
  • You've continued to decrease calories and increase cardio, but your results have plateaued
  • You're currently eating or think you need to eat 1,200 calories or less per day to see results
  • You've stopped seeing progress in the gym
  • You suspect a hormone or thyroid imbalance
  • You experience fatigue, but suffer from insomnia at the same time.
  • Your fitness routine focuses primarily on cardio
  • You're confused about how much food and exercise is right for you
  • You want to learn the basics of reverse dieting and how to get started
  • You've figured out what works best for you
  • You're not ready to make changes to your diet and exercise routine
  • The idea of tracking your food stresses you out
  • You don't think you'll be look at what you're currently do differently
  • You're in hurry to lose the weight
  • You prefer intuitive eating over structure and guidelines

Reverse Diet Client Results


Your metabolism is adaptable and so are you.  

Here's how this program will help.

Is reverse dieting for you?

We'll assess whether or not you're a good candidate for reverse dieting and, if so, why it's necessary.

Why you can't diet forever

You'll learn about the benefits of nutritional periodization as a long-term solution for fat loss and why you can't cut calories forever.

Basic metabolism education

You'll learn key factors related to energy balance and metabolic adaption and how they affect fat gain and loss.

Troubleshoot diet challenges

I want you to feel fully prepared to reverse on your own, so we'll address frequently asked questions and common challenges.

Reverse diet implementation

You'll learn exactly how to implement a reverse diet and how to design a personalized plan that's right for you.

Diet periodization masterplan

Beyond the reverse diet, you'll learn how it fits within a nutritional periodization masterplan for optimal fat loss results.

Mindset tools & exploration

We'll work through concerns related to reverse dieting and how to assess biofeedback outside of the number on the scale.

Additional community support

Got questions? A private community is available answer questions and help troubleshoot issues you may encounter.

4-Week Curriculum

Module 1: Welcome + Course Overview

Module 2: Basics of Metabolism

Module 3: Nutritional Periodization

Module 4: How to Reverse Diet

Module 5: Plan Your Reverse Diet

Module 6: Frequently Asked Questions

Faster Metabolism course includes:

  • 28-page Reverse Diet Master Plan to help you organize and plan out your reverse diet
  • 3 hours of video lectures divided in to 6 modules and delivered via email over the course of 4 weeks
  • Corresponding email education to highlight key points and tasks to complete during the course
  • Instructions and tracking sheets to organize initial measurements, progress photos, and biofeedback
  • Step-by-step instructions and planning worksheets for designing your own personal reverse diet
  • Detailed education related to how and when to end your reverse diet and what to do next
  • Extensive FAQs and a reverse diet flow chart to help troubleshoot any challenges you may encounter
  • Private community to ask questions, consult with, and find support during your reverse diet

"I think I need a reverse diet, but I am terrified I'll gain weight. Will I?"

Remember, the goal of a reverse diet is not necessarily to lose weight; it's to start getting your metabolism responsive again so that eventually it becomes *easier* to lose weight. You are here because you've hit a plateau and suspect that hormonally something might be "off," so we need to reset the metabolism to give it the ability to actually release fat, if that's your goal.

Some reverse dieters lose weight, some hold steady, and some gain before losing, and it’s totally okay that it might take you some time to come to terms with this. Basically, it’s totally normal to gain a little bit of weight and what should be expected from a reverse diet.

Look at the big picture: You aren’t where you want to be today. This process of reverse dieting is going to fix some of the damage that has been done to your metabolism and hormones. Putting the time in to do this now is going to allow you to diet in a healthier and more sustainable manner in the future, so you see the results that you want.

The Faster Metabolism Course will provide you with all of the education and resources you need to feel confident in the process - everything from how to adjust your thinking about the scale and how to shift your mindset related to eating more without a ton of stress. Reverse dieting, when done properly and under the right conditions, can help you maintain and improve your results while giving your body the diet break it needs. I know it might sound counterintuitive to eat more to lose fat, but reversing the right way will absolutely get you the results you desire!

At the end of this course, you will...

  • Understand the science behind why your metabolism has slowed down and why a reverse diet is necessary
  • Know exactly how to implement a reverse diet and understand the step-by-step process necessary to create a master plan that's right for you
  • Have the necessary tools and resources needed to guide your reverse diet and feel confident in executing it on your own
  • Know how to utilize biofeedback outside of the number on the scale to assess progress and troubleshoot challenges
  • Gain mindset strategies for coping with fears related to eating more, changes on the scale, and slow (but necessary!) progress
  • Gain real life advice via FAQs and a private community related to nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle to help you get the best results possible from your reverse

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I just signed up. What happens now?
  • The course begins upon purchase, so please check your email and spam/junk folder to make sure you received a message via Kajabi. The course is self-paced and delivered via an online portal, so you can learn on your own time and at your convenience. During the course, you'll begin to understand how and why a reverse diet works as well as create an individualized reverse diet plan, step-by-step, so you're fully confident in the process.
  • How long will I have access to the modules and materials?
    You'll have access forever for all of the course materials. The videos modules and materials are delivered via online portal (Kajabi). Be sure to save your login info. If you misplace it for some reason, please email and we'll get you squared away!
  • I'm really nervous about eating more. Will I gain weight?
    You might, but if done properly and with confidence, a reverse diet is designed to minimize weight gain while maximizing metabolism. Keep in mind, the ultimate goal is to boost your caloric intake, so your body and its metabolism is at a happy place where it's possible (and much easier) to lose body fat.
  • Will I receive tools for planning my own reverse diet?
    Yes, you will receive everything you need to plan your own reverse diet with confidence, including a reverse dieting template, biofeedback tracker, instructions how to take progress photos and measurements, and we'll discuss common scenarios as well as your specific situation, so you'll know exactly how to get started and implement your reverse.
  • What if I am trying to lose weight? Will this course help?
    Yes! You will learn all about why you can't keep cutting calories from your diet to lose weight and why a reverse diet is necessary to improve your metabolism. Additionally, you'll learn why diet periodization is key to long-term weight loss. You'll receive the tools you need to design a reverse diet as well as a masterplan for a future calorie deficit and maintenance phase. The main goal of the course is to give you everything you need to reverse diet on your own with confidence!
  • What if I have questions about the course content once I start? Who can I ask?
    If questions pop up or something needs clarification, you are welcomed to ask in the Carrots 'N' Cake Community Group. This group is closely monitored, so you'll be able to get answers and receive advice on your personal situation.
  • What's your refund policy?
    I want you to LOVE this course, so there is a 14-day money back guarantee. The course begins upon purchase, so if you try it out and it's not for you, email me at within 14 days of your purchase, and I will refund your full investment.

Hi, I'm Tina  

I'm a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Practitioner, Certified Nutrition Coach, personal trainer, and founder of Carrots 'N' Cake. Over my last 12 years in the nutrition and fitness industry, I've done everything from CrossFit competitions and running marathons, to writing cookbooks and articles for publications, such as Health magazine, Women’s Health, and more as well as on my own site at My main focus, however, is 1:1 nutrition coaching, and I've worked with hundreds of women improve their relationship with food by utilizing a flexible and realistic macro-based approach to their diet. Life is all about having your carrots and cake, too!

Over the years, I've received hundreds of messages from women who question whether or not their metabolism has slowed down and struggled with losing weight despite doing everything "right." Additionally, I've successfully reverse dieted dozens of clients out of metabolic chaos into a much more balanced, realistic, and abundant way of eating. The 'diet after the diet' is not something a lot of women know about or know how to implement into their lives, which is my main motivation for sharing this information in this program.

Certifications & Experience:

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Certification
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition
  • Nutritional Coaching Institute Hormone Specialist certification
  • Nutritional Coaching Institute Gut Health Master Class
  • SCW Nutrition, Hormones, and Metabolism Certification
  • Level 1 CrossFit trainer certification
  • NASM personal trainer certification

Not sure this course is for you?

If you’ve been dieting for what seems like forever (and not seeing results), whether it’s for a special event or even just to hit your goal weight, it might be time for a break. Dieting is exhausting, isn’t it? But, how do you take a diet break without piling on the pounds? It might be time to try a reverse diet.

A reverse diet is a safe way to increase your calories and metabolism without piling on a ton of weight. Crazy as it sounds, when done correctly, a reverse diet can actually fix your metabolism and help you lose fat and gain lean muscle, all while eating more food.

Now it the time to take advantage of the numerous benefits of reverse dieting and learn how to work WITH your metabolism, not against it. Your journey to a faster metabolism and better health is just beginning, and this 4-week course can help get you there!

So... are you in?