An affordable way to start tracking macros with the support of a group.


What's the challenge all about?

“I am good all week, but I wreck any sort of progress on the weekends.”

 “I’ll go a few days following my macros, but then I get bored and go back to old habits.”

“My schedule makes it hard to stick to a plan, so I end up giving up." 

"I know 'what to do,' but I don't do it. I need some accountability."

If you’ve struggled with consistency or tried programs in the past that left you frustrated, overwhelmed, and provided very little with regards to lasting results, you're in the right place. 

The 6-week Macro Motivation Challenge is all about... you guessed it: MOTIVATION! You'll get to work directly with me in a group setting, so you'll have my support as well as that of the other women participating in the challenge, all while learning how to track macros and make them work for YOU and YOUR lifestyle! Daily check-ins and weekly giveaways will keep motivation high! 

In a private Facebook group just for challenge participants, you'll be able to ask questions, brainstorm solutions, and connect with like-minded women about anything and everything related to macros, healthy eating, meal prep, fitness, and much more! 

Additionally, once a week, I will go live in the group to answer your specific questions and share some additional education, tips, and tricks for mastering macros while also living your life. Our goal is always to find a way of eating that works for your everyday life. The last thing I want is for you to have your face in your phone tracking macros when you could be enjoying the experience around you!  

During the 6-week challenge, you will:  

  • Learn how to calculate and adjust your own personal macro goals for now and in the future. 
  • Learn how to navigate "situational eating" so you can travel, go to parties and restaurants and not feel deprived
  • Develop confidence in your ability to be consistent (no starting over on Monday again!) with your diet while also living your life 
  • Discover how to fit fun foods into your diet so you’re not constantly craving them
  • Increase your macro and nutrition knowledge with me as your guide
  • Learn that it's totally okay (more than okay, actually!) to have some flexibility in your diet
  • Ditch the all-or-none mentality as well as the mental debate over what to eat or not eat
  • Find a realistic and livable path to follow, so you can maintain your transformation for the rest of your life!  

The 6-week Macro Motivation Challenge will help you find REAL balance within your diet. Trust me, you can have the carrots and the cake, too! Instead of doing what you've always done and reverting back to old habits again and again, give "flexible" macro tracking with me a try. I'll help you change your mindset related to food and the idea of "all or none" once and for all. Your eating habits do not need to be perfect to see progress. Learn how macros can work for YOU while also LIVING and ENJOYING your life to its fullest! 

What are you waiting for? It's time to take action and make 2020 your healthiest and happiest year yet! 

Don't delay on signing up. We start on Monday, February 3rd, and you'll want your macro calculation, sample meal plans, and other resources ahead to time, so you're completely ready to hit the ground running! 


Being a little less perfect with your diet makes you a lot more consistent. ⠀  

You don't need to intermittent fast, carb cycle or "macro harder" to see results.⠀ ⠀ You don't need to cut your carbs (or fat) to practically nothing to see results. ⠀ ⠀ You don't need to hit your protein goal every single day to see results. ⠀ ⠀ You don't need to do fasted cardio or spend an hour (or more) in the gym to see results. ⠀ ⠀ And, trust me, you don't need to strive for a "perfect" lifestyle to see results. ⠀ ⠀ This extreme way of thinking completely kills any sort of change or progress, and it's dangerous for your mind, body, and soul. I firmly believe that being perfectly imperfect drives consistency. ⠀ 

How to Calculate Macros for Weight Loss Guide

A comprehensive, 15-page do-it-yourself guide to teach you exactly how to calculate your own personal macros and calorie needs based off your activity level and lifestyle. Provides you with the "what" and "why" behind the numbers to take control of your health once and for all.

2-week sample meal plan

You'll receive a 2-week sample meal plan with 34 macro-friendly recipes designed to give you some tasty ideas for your tracking within MyFitnessPal or other app. The meal plan also includes weekly itemized grocery shopping lists and detailed meal prep guides to make the most of your time in the kitchen! 

Daily check-ins and accountability logs 

Each day of the challenge, you'll have the option of "checking in" on a dedicated Facebook post and recording your efforts via an accountability log. Participation is intended to keep you motivated and on-track all 6 weeks and enters you into weekly giveaway! 

Weekly Q&A and education 

Once a week, I will go live in our private Facebook group to answer your specific questions and share some additional education, tips, and tricks for mastering macros while also living your life to its fullest. 

Ongoing support via private Facebook group

In our closed group, you’ll be able to find extra support and accountability, share healthy recipes, brainstorm solutions to challenges, and connect with others who are striving to live a healthier life. With the support of our group, you won't lose motivation or need to start over again! 

"Getting Started with Macros" guide

A guide that explains what macros are all about as well as information for getting started with tracking in MyFitnessPal. It also includes a macro cheat sheet, tips for hassle-free tracking, how to take progress photos, a daily checklist to keep you on track, and more!

Weekly freebies + giveaways

To keep motivation high, each week I'll share a freebie, resource, or host a giveaway in our private Facebook group for participants. I promise, we'll have fun in addition to helping you achieve your goals! 

STARTS ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd Enrollment closes on Sunday, February 2nd 


  • You're off track with your diet and need a motivational kick in the butt. 
  • You want an affordable option for learning about macros. 
  • You know "what to do" when it comes to your diet, but lose motivation on your own.  
  • You're macro-curious and just starting your journey.
  • You've tracked macros in the past and want motivation to start again.
  • You like having the support of a group. 
  • You want to learn how to fit "fun" foods into your diet so you’re not constantly craving them
  • You're ready to ditch the all-or-none mentality as well as the mental debate over what to eat or not eat 
  • You're sick of starting over and want to make a lasting change. 
  • You're ready to have the healthiest and happiest 2020 yet. 

STARTS ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd Enrollment closes on Sunday, February 2nd 




What is the difference between the Macro Motivation Challenge and your 1:1 coaching?  

The main differences are: 

  • A 6-week challenge versus a 3-month full immersion transformation
  • Group coaching versus 1:1 private coaching
  • DIY macros versus personalized macros
  • Communication via private Facebook group versus monthly phone calls and 24/7 WhatsApp access 
  • Weekly education via Facebook Live versus as-needed education based on personal challenges and goals 
  • No formal check-ins versus weekly check-ins 
  • Dedicated group support via Facebook versus me as primary support 
  • More affordable ($199) versus premium cost ($799) 

I just signed up for the challenge. What happens now? 

Woohoo! You should have received an auto-email confirmation that includes all of the resources included in the challenge. You also received a link to join our private Facebook group - just request to join and introduce yourself! Included in the auto-email is your "How to Calculate Macros for Weight Loss" guide, "Getting Started with Macros" guide, and your 2-week sample meal plan. Please read through these materials, calculate your macro goals, and ask any questions you might have in our private Facebook group. After that, keep a look out in our Facebook group for announcements. We'll officially start the challenge on Monday, February 3rd!  

How do the check-ins work?

Each day of the challenge, I will post a "prompt" (i.e. question, macro education, recipe, workout, quote) in our private Facebok group. In order to check-in, you'll need to comment on the post. That way, you can see everyone else's responses and get to know one another, which is super valualble and helpful as far as motivation goes! Additionally, there will be a shared spreadsheet where you'll numerically rate your macro tracking for the day. This will help keep you consistent, and each recorded response enters you into a weekly giveaway! 

Is this coaching option available in the future?

Yes, but I won't offer another group challenge until the Fall. You'll only have the 1:1 coaching option or the DIY option until then.  

Can I do this challenge if I'm totally new to macro counting?  

Absolutely! The majority of clients that come to me have never counted macros, and I LOVE helping beginners. If you're committed to learning and go into the challenge with an open-mind and can-do attitude, you'll be just fine! Tracking macros are actually quite simple if you put in the time to learn how to do it. Plus, it's like anything new you learn to do in life... the more you practice, the better you become at it! 

Can I do this challenge if I am plant-based, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or Paleo?  

Of course! Macro tracking works for just about any diet, and I will help you learn how to eat for your specific way of eating. That's the beauty of macro-counting, it works for just about everyone! 

Can I do this challenge if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?  

Yes! I'm more than happy to give you recommendations for calculating your macros goals, but please consult your physician before you sign up. 

What if I have a special diet?  

No worries at all! That's the great thing about macro - they work for just about every diet. No matter if you're Paleo, vegetarian, or vegan, we'll find a way of eating that works for you. As for the sample meal plan, while it doesn't take into consideration individual dietary restrictions or food preferences, they are easily modifiable using the "macro cheat sheet" that is included in your "Getting Started" guide. Plus, the meal sample is intended to give you ideas for your macro tracking and not necessarily followed to a tee. You can ask for food swap suggestions in our private Facebook group too! :)

Are the meal plans based on an individual's macro goals?  

The meal plans are not custom to an individual's macro goals. Instead, they provide a SAMPLE for your meals and snacks each week. They're intended to give you ideas for your own tracking in MyFitnessPal or other tracking app. And, of course, you can always utilize our private group for more ideas! 

Do I have to meal prep?

Yes and no. I truly believe that even a little bit of meal prep is better than none, BUT I also don't think you need to spend 3-4 hours in the kitchen on Sunday prepping everything you're going to eat for the week. I love "throw together meals," so these will definitely be part of our meal prep strategy. All of the sample meals (54 in total) take 5-15 minutes to prepare/assemble, and I will be teaching my meal prep and quick-cook strategies to help you eat healthy and save time!

How much money will I need to spend on food?

It will depend on a number of factors, but you won't likely spend more than you normally do on groceries. The recipes in your sample meal plan include easy-to-find ingredients and not typically ones you need to search for in a specialty store or online. Plus, you can always substitute ingredients as needed. Our private Facebook group is a great place to ask for recommendations! Plus, I'm a huge proponent of "throw together meals," so we'll chat about those and how to plan them into your weekly menu.

Do I have to workout while doing this challenge? 

It's totally up to you and not required, but regular exercise will bring better results. A workout program isn't included in the challenge, but I'm more than happy to chat about exercise, macros, and how best to fuel your workouts for weigh loss in our private Facebook group. 

What if my progress stalls or I'm unsure of the macros I calculated for myself? 

There are two options:

1. During the challenge, ask your question in our private Facebook group and we'll troubleshoot your situation to come up with macro goals that work for you. 

2. At the end of the challenge, schedule a recalculation strategy call with me, and we'll chat about any issues you may have encountered since your initial macro calculation. Together, we'll create a "game plan" for moving forward, and I will recalculate your macros based on our discussion. 

Can I sign-up for 1:1 coaching after the challenge if I want to extend accountability?  

Absolutely! I'd love to have you! 1:1 coaching is a great way to continue your momentum. You can sign up here! ⠀  


“I’m feeling more confident and better than ever! My clothes fit so much better, and people are starting to notice I’ve lost weight. I’m still enjoying beer and alcohol in moderation, and if we go out to eat or for ice cream, I plan it into my day. If it’s spontaneous, I just move on and start over the next day. Macros have been so great for living a balanced lifestyle!”

"I always felt as though I knew “what to do,” but having a coach and accountability was just what I needed to get going. The weekly check-in’s and the ability to ask questions as they came up really helped to optimize the program and set me up for success. This program has really transformed my way of eating and allowed me to have increased energy to preform better in my training as well as keep up with my two young daughters!"

"This is an amazing program! Having the ability to ask questions and get info from a professional was life-changing for me. I am so happy with my results and have so much confidence in my habits moving forward. It obvious this program values their clients and their results. Thank you for this experience!"

"I have never felt better! My coach really helped me look deeper into my food issues on top of teaching me how to track macros. This program has taught me how to look at food as fuel and make decisions that will make me and my body feel healthy. I've learned how to embrace flexibilty in my diet, and it's made all the difference."

"I have tracked macros in the past, but working with Tina was invaluable. She reminded me that I don't have to hit my macros exactly to see progress. While I chose not to weigh myself, I can tell my clothes fit better and, more importantly, I feel like I am making mcuh more informed food choices. Having a cookie no longer throws off my whole day - instead it keeps me on track!"

"This program was so great for me! I’ve tracked macros with a coach in the past, but it was so tedious and strict, I ended up quitting. Tina was so helpful and always had the best advice. I love that I don’t have to be 100% all the time. And I love that she approaches macros as a long-term lifestyle change and reminded me to be kind and not so hard on myself if every day isn’t perfect. I'm so glad I tried tracking macros again and realized I just needed the right coach!"



I love food and I love eating. But, I don’t love dieting. Although I have always been a mostly healthy eater, I’m not one to turn down a piece of birthday cake or a glass of wine during cocktail hour. But indulging a little too much and a little too often resulted in a slow gain of 25 pounds by my early 20s.

 My Tipping Point

I wasn’t happy at my heaviest, but I wasn’t really motivated to do anything about it until a ski trip with friends in 2004 put things in perspective. The vacation was a blast, but I quickly lost my getaway glow when I saw photos from our trip. Looking at the physical proof, I was embarrassed by how much weight I had gained. Every photo was a “bad” photo of me. I was so depressed that I threw most of them away.

Soon after the ski trip, I left my desk job to pursue graduate school and took a part-time job working at the front desk of an upscale health club. One of the perks was a free membership, which was the motivation I needed to take control of my weight. I started exercising at the health club most mornings, taking Body Pump and spinning classes on a regular basis.

Even though I was burning plenty of calories through exercise, I knew my eating habits were preventing me from losing weight. I wasn’t eating unhealthy foods; I was just eating too much of everything. I started counting calories and then found macros not long after. Tracking macros really helped me understand my food choices, habits, and how to eat a much more balanced diet. 

A New Life

Almost a year and a half later, in the summer of 2005, I finally reached my goal weight. My weight loss didn’t happen overnight, but that was because I wasn’t even “dieting.” Through trial and error with my macro goals and figuring out what worked best for me, I made true lifestyle changes, which have stuck with me to today. 

Nowadays, I’m still committed to maintaining my weight without missing out on any fun, like birthday celebrations or nights out with friends, which is the main philosophy behind Carrots ‘N’ Cake Nutrition. And, of course, my passion for living a healthy, happy, and balanced life has inspired me to help clients find their own path via a macro-based approach! 


I’m Tina Haupert.

I'm a Certified Nutrition Coach, macro guru, and founder of Carrots 'N' Cake. I've spent nearly 12 years in the online health industry and coached hundreds of women improve their relationship with food by utilizing a macro-based approach to their diet while simultaneously achieving their body composition goals. Life is all about having your carrots and cake, too! If you agree, you're absolutely in the right place, and I'm excited to work with you! 

Certifications & Experience:  

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Certification (expected April 2020)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition
  • Nutritional Coaching Institute Hormone Specialist certification  
  • Nutritional Coaching Institute Gut Health Master Class
  • SCW Nutrition, Hormones, and Metabolism Certification
  • Level 1 CrossFit trainer certification
  • NASM personal trainer certification  

Ready to take action?

Here's your chance!

STARTS ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd Enrollment closes on Sunday, February 2nd 

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