Choose between 3 effective nutrition options depending on your goals: Coaching for women who want to finally get consistent results for good.



You've fallen "off the wagon" and vowed to get "back on track" one million times in the past - only to end up right back where you started: Frustrated and overwhelmed with all of the conflicting diet and nutrition out there. 

Should you try intermittent fasting or carb cycling? Or maybe both at the same time? What about the keto diet or Whole 30? 

Maybe you've tried them all, but nothing has "stuck" for more than a few weeks because you lose motivation. 

Maybe you know "what to do" when it comes to your diet, but end up falling into old habits because your schedule is too unpredictable. 

Or maybe you need accountability to just do the thing all ready and save yourself from self-sabotage? 

If you can relate to any of this, you've come to the right place!  

I'll show you how to find REAL balance within your diet without feeling like you have to always second-guess your "good" and "bad" choices. I promise, you can have the carrots and the cake and not feel guilty about it!  

I use a macro-based approach and tailor your targets with your individual goals and lifestyle in mind. While some nutrition coaches send you off out on your own with a macro perscription, you'll receive ongoing support and accountability all along the way. It's like having your own personal nutrition coach right in your back pocket!  

We'll also work together to find a way of eating that really works for your body, so you can feel confident that what you consume from day-to-day is purposefully supporting your overall health, body composition goals, metabolism, progress in the gym, and more. This, of course, means no more guessing what diet you should try next. Working with me will be the last "diet" you ever try!  


  • Transforming your diet, mindset, and approach once and for all - no more lost motivation, black and white thinking, or starting over again (and again). 
  • Feeling confident in your nutrition knowledge as well as your ability to be consistent with your choices in all settings and situations. 
  • Ditching the all-or-none mentality, crazy cravings, and discover how to ENJOY all food experiences without first having a mental debate over what to eat or not eat. 
  • Finding a realistic and livable path to follow and learn how to embrace flexibility in your diet, so you can maintain your transformation for the rest of your life!

What are you waiting for? It's time to take action!  


Everyone's weight loss journey is different, so let's find the support that's right for you and your goals. You have 3 coaching options to make a sustainable transformation in your life. Each one has its own unique benefits based on the type of guidance you need.

Macro coaching options

This option is for individuals who are ready to make a lifestyle change and fully immerse themselves in the program. Clients will work up close and personal with me and learn how to apply a macro-based approach to their diet in order to achieve long-lasting results. Applicants must be ready to take action and willing to devote time and space to this process since it's a significant investment and we will address a variety of lifestyle factors and habits. Let's just say, we will get to know each other quite well during our time together! Requires a 6-month commitment.

This option is for individuals who want to work directly with me in a group setting. In a private Facebook group, you'll be able to ask questions, brainstorm solutions, and connect with like-minded women about anything and everything related to macros, healthy eating, family life, meal prep, fitness, and so much more! 


This "do-it-yourself" option is for individuals who prefer to learn on their own and might not be quite ready or have the time to commit to a 1:1 or group coaching relationship. This program is great for anyone who's new to macros or who has tracked macros in the past and needs some motivation to start again. It includes a variety of resources intended to educate and support your journey all along the way. Includes a comprehensive guide for learning how to calculate and make adjustments to your macros. 



This option is for individuals who are ready to make a lifestyle change and fully immerse themselves in the program. Clients will work up close and personal with me and learn how to apply a macro-based approach to their diet in order to achieve long-lasting results. Applicants must be ready to take action and willing to devote time and space to this process. We will get to know each other quite well during our time together! 

Initial consultation with goal setting

We’ll hop on the phone and discuss your goals, current eating habits, and assess your food diary before teaching you how to adopt a macro-based approach to you and your lifestyle.  

Personalized macro + calorie goals

Based off your goals, activity level, and body composition, I’ll calculate your personalized macro and calorie goals for both workout and rest days. During our time together, we'll work to personalize your macronutrient target to best fit your lifestyle and help you achieve your ideal body composition.  

Open + ongoing communication

We'll stay in touch via monthly phone calls and frequent voice messaging. My goal is to meet you where you are when it comes to education, habits, and motivation, so I encourage frequent communication with my clients. It’s like having a 24/7 accountability buddy when you need her!

Regular feedback on food dairy 

I’ll provide regular feedback on your macro tracking and food choices. We’ll work together to find options that help you feel satisfied after meals, keep your mood stable, and work within your lifestyle, so you always feel in control of your decisions.  

New macro-friendly recipes

You'll receive 6 new recipes each week to help guide your tracking. I firmly believe that even doing a little meal prep is always better than nothing. Plus, having new recipes each week will keep you excited about your meals, so you’re much more likely to stay on track!

Ongoing support via private Facebook community group

In our closed group, you’ll be able to find extra support and accountability, share healthy recipes, brainstorm solutions to challenges, and connect with others who are striving to live a healthier life!  


“I’m feeling more confident and better than ever! My clothes fit so much better, and people are starting to notice I’ve lost weight. I’m still enjoying beer and alcohol in moderation, and if we go out to eat or for ice cream, I plan it into my day. If it’s spontaneous, I just move on and start over the next day. Macros have been so great for living a balanced lifestyle!”

"I always felt as though I knew “what to do,” but having a coach and accountability was just what I needed to get going. The weekly check-in’s and the ability to ask questions as they came up really helped to optimize the program and set me up for success. This program has really transformed my way of eating and allowed me to have increased energy to preform better in my training as well as keep up with my two young daughters!"

"This is an amazing program! Having the ability to ask questions and get info from a professional was life-changing for me. I am so happy with my results and have so much confidence in my habits moving forward. It obvious this program values their clients and their results. Thank you for this experience!"

"I have never felt better! My coach really helped me look deeper into my food issues on top of teaching me how to track macros. This program has taught me how to look at food as fuel and make decisions that will make me and my body feel healthy. I've learned how to embrace flexibilty in my diet, and it's made all the difference."

"I have tracked macros in the past, but working with Tina was invaluable. She reminded me that I don't have to hit my macros exactly to see progress. While I chose not to weigh myself, I can tell my clothes fit better and, more importantly, I feel like I am making mcuh more informed food choices. Having a cookie no longer throws off my whole day - instead it keeps me on track!"

"This program was so great for me! I’ve tracked macros with a coach in the past, but it was so tedious and strict, I ended up quitting. Tina was so helpful and always had the best advice. I love that I don’t have to be 100% all the time. And I love that she approaches macros as a long-term lifestyle change and reminded me to be kind and not so hard on myself if every day isn’t perfect. I'm so glad I tried tracking macros again and realized I just needed the right coach!"



I love food and I love eating. But, I don’t love dieting. Although I have always been a mostly healthy eater, I’m not one to turn down a piece of birthday cake or a glass of wine during cocktail hour. But indulging a little too much and a little too often resulted in a slow gain of 25 pounds by my early 20s.

 My Tipping Point

I wasn’t happy at my heaviest, but I wasn’t really motivated to do anything about it until a ski trip with friends in 2004 put things in perspective. The vacation was a blast, but I quickly lost my getaway glow when I saw photos from our trip. Looking at the physical proof, I was embarrassed by how much weight I had gained. Every photo was a “bad” photo of me. I was so depressed that I threw most of them away.

Soon after the ski trip, I left my desk job to pursue graduate school and took a part-time job working at the front desk of an upscale health club. One of the perks was a free membership, which was the motivation I needed to take control of my weight. I started exercising at the health club most mornings, taking Body Pump and spinning classes on a regular basis.

Even though I was burning plenty of calories through exercise, I knew my eating habits were preventing me from losing weight. I wasn’t eating unhealthy foods; I was just eating too much of everything. I started counting calories and then found macros not long after. Tracking macros really helped me understand my food choices, habits, and how to eat a much more balanced diet. 

A New Life

Almost a year and a half later, in the summer of 2005, I finally reached my goal weight. My weight loss didn’t happen overnight, but that was because I wasn’t even “dieting.” Through trial and error with my macro goals and figuring out what worked best for me, I made true lifestyle changes, which have stuck with me to today. 

Nowadays, I’m still committed to maintaining my weight without missing out on any fun, like birthday celebrations or nights out with friends, which is the main philosophy behind Carrots ‘N’ Cake Nutrition. And, of course, my passion for living a healthy, happy, and balanced life has inspired me to help clients find their own path via a macro-based approach! 


Being a little less perfect with your diet makes you a lot more consistent. ⠀  

You don't need to intermittent fast, carb cycle or "macro harder" to see results.⠀ ⠀ You don't need to cut your carbs (or fat) to practically nothing to see results. ⠀ ⠀ You don't need to hit your protein goal every single day to see results. ⠀ ⠀ You don't need to do fasted cardio or spend an hour (or more) in the gym to see results. ⠀ ⠀ And, trust me, you don't need to strive for a "perfect" lifestyle to see results. ⠀ ⠀ This extreme way of thinking completely kills any sort of change or progress, and it's dangerous for your mind, body, and soul. I firmly believe that being perfectly imperfect drives consistency. ⠀ ⠀ Instead of thinking that you need the "perfect" meal plan and "perfect" timing, we'll start small and build momentum. We'll focus on everyday habits that fill you up and fit your lifestyle. You'll make one small change and then another in order to achieve long-lasting results. 




  • You're ready to take action toward serious lifestyle changes
  • You have the time, energy, and space to work on yourself
  • You're willing to fully immerse yourself in a 6 month+ coaching relationship 
  • You want sustaintable habits and long-lasting results 
  • You're ready to work up close and personal with me
  • You have a specific specific goal or event on your calendar (i.e. wedding, vacation)

  • You're curious about macros and just starting your journey
  • You're self-motivated and like to learn on your own
  • You're not quite ready to commit to a one-on-one coaching relationship 
  • You've counted macros in the past and don't need a coach
  • You're familar with macros and want someone to streamline your meal prep 
  • You like meal plans, but want flexbility in your diet as well 



I've given up on diets before, how will this be different?  

Because I will harass you! ;) Kidding, kidding... sort of. But, really, we're in this together right from the beginning, and I'll be your #1 supporter and accountability buddy. I won't let you give up or throw in the towel after just a few weeks. We'll work together to find a "diet" and healthy habits that work for YOU and YOUR lifestyle.  

What if I have a lot of weight to lose?  

That's totally okay! If you're ready to fully commit to a lifestyle change and patient with your progress, we'll get you to your body composition goals and happy weight. Slow and steady is the name of the game, but you'll never have to try another diet again. Our goal is long-lasting (aka forever) weight loss!  

What if I travel a lot for my job?

Not a problem! Macros can work in just about any situation, even when you're traveling and not in complete control of your diet. We'll work together to find strategies that work within your schedule and lifestyle. 

How does the coaching work exactly?

Once you sign up for coaching, we'll have an initial phone call to talk through your goals and current lifestyle habits. After that, I'll calculate your macros goals. We'll stay in touch via WhatsApp, a free voice messaging app, as needed. I'll check in with you weekly, but you're welcome (more than welcome!) to contact me (i.e. ask me questions, voice concerns) as much as you'd like. Once a month, we'll hop on the phone to chat about your progress and establish goals for the upcoming month. 

Does this option include a fitness routine too?

It doesn't include a fitness component, but we'll definitely discuss your current routine and how it can compliment your nutrition and enhance your results. 

What if I become obsessed with counting macros?

One of my main goals for working with clients is NOT to have them becomes obsessed with "the numbers." My approach is very loose, and I don't require that clients "hit their macros" every single day. I actually believe that you can have amazing results without being "perfect" with your diet. Our end goal is always to find a sustainable and stress-free way of eating for you! 

I'd like to eventually be able to eat intuitively, do you offer that?

Yes! That's our ultimate goal. We'll start with macros as a tool to teach you more about food and your personal habits. Over the weeks and months, we'll start to transition to a more intuitive way of eating. Tracking macros is great for a lot of reasons and a handy tool when you need it, but we definitely don't want you tied to MyFitnessPal for the rest of your life! 

Do you offer payment plans? 

I offer a monthly payment option for 1:1 coaching, but for those who pay in full will receive 10% off.  

What's your refund policy?

I take coaching very seriously, and I want to make sure you receive the best possible experience and results. If for any reason, after 30 days of working together, you don't think 1:1 coaching is for you, I will refund your investment.  


Do you calculate my macros?

I truly believe in the idea that if you "teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime" when it comes to macros. Your "How to Set Macros for Weight Loss" guide will teach you how to calculate your own macros and make appropriate adjustments. Once you learn this skill, you will have full control over your weight loss journey. At the end of the day, YOU know yourself and your body better than I ever would, so having this resource is essential to getting you results. 

What if I have a special diet? 

While the sample meal plan doesn't take into consideration individual dietary restrictions or food preferences, they are easily modifiable using the "macro cheat sheet" that is included in your "Getting Started" guide. Plus, the meal sample is intended to give you ideas for your macro tracking and not necessarily followed to a tee. Additionally, you can ask for food swap suggestions in our private Facebook group.

Are the meal plans based on an individual's macro goals? 

The plans are not custom to an individual's macro goals. Instead, they provide a guide for your meals and snacks each week. You will likely need to add or subtract calories from each day's meal plan to fit your individual macro goals. Using these meal plans is a great way to practice getting close to your daily goals by simply filling in the gaps. 

If the meal plans aren't custom to my macros, how will I know what to eat?

The macro jumpstart bundle includes a personalized guide that explains how to eat the right amount for your specific goals as well as how to choose foods to meet your targets, a daily portion tracking sheet, and how to adjust calories, macros and portions to further your progress.

Are the meals appropriate for my family, too?

Yes, definitely! Each recipe makes 4-6 servings, so you can feed your family or pack up leftovers for later in the week. Lots of past clients report that their families love many of the recipes included. The prep and cook time is also very reasonable (30 minutes or less), so you're not spending hours and hours in the kitchen! 

How much money will I need to spend on food?

It will depend on a number of factors, but the recipes included in the meal plan have easy-to-find ingredients and not typically ones you need to search for in a speciality store or online. Plus, you can always substitute ingredients as needed. Our private Facebook group is a great place to ask for recommendations! 

What if my progress stalls?

If your progress starts to stall, head over to Carrots 'N' Cake Community Group to ask your questions. The women in the group as well as myself can help your troubleshoot issues and come up with some ideas moving forward. Additionally, you might be interested in my Faster Metabolism Live Workshop on June 28th.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds are available on this option because you receive all of the materials as soon as you place your order. 


I’m Tina Haupert.

I'm a Certified Nutrition Coach, macro guru, and founder of Carrots 'N' Cake. I've spent nearly 12 years in the online health industry and coached hundreds of women improve their relationship with food by utilizing a macro-based approach to their diet while simultaneously achieving their body composition goals. Life is all about having your carrots and cake, too! If you agree, you're absolutely in the right place, and I'm excited to work with you! 

Certifications & Experience:  

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Certification
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition
  • Nutritional Coaching Institute Hormone Specialist certification  
  • Nutritional Coaching Institute Gut Health Master Class
  • SCW Nutrition, Hormones, and Metabolism Certification
  • Level 1 CrossFit trainer certification
  • NASM personal trainer certification  

Ready to take action?

Here's your chance!

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